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Cafe & Sports Lounge

Taste you can feel

Delicious, specially crafted beverages and great-tasting food.
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Eggs cooked just how you like them


All our burgers are served with fries and you can choose your VIP topping


Our PIZZAS are made with special in house sauce, topped with different topping of your choice


Served with grilled vegetables, fries on a bed of rice


Your favorite chinese food - noodles, fried rice, eggs, paneer chilly, chicken chilly, mushroom chilly


Olde Baileys Classic - Freshly backed with chocolate/maple syrup

The English Cafe

From Esspresso to Burgers to healthy salads, we have it all.


Be it a kitty party or baby shower, be it your favourites birthday celebration or an anniversary, Olde Bailey's team will cover all these for you. We also undertake outdoor catering or corporate catering for any function.

Kitty Party

Baby Shower

Birthday Celebration


Outdoor Catering

Corporate Catering


Olde Baileys will bring the English Food and Cafe experience to you when in a cafe with an amazing array of food and coffee. Free unlimited WiFi, a very warm and welcoming ambience topped with an amazing service to make you feel special.

Free Wifi

Great Ambience

Amazing Service

Cafe & Sports Lounge

Cafe & Sports Lounge

From Esspresso to Burgers to healthy salads, we have it all.

About Us

Olde Bailey's café was born out of the necessity of having a social melting pot for all age groups supported by a range of food and beverage options at affordable price. The vision is to offer a delicious hot cup of coffee supported with great ambience and friendly service.
Olde Bailey's Café has a contemporary English ambience and has the authentic European palate for its coffee. Innovative with the way coffee is served in modern days, Olde Bailey's is always a step ahead to ensure the customers get the best of latest technology as well. A very good example being the NitroBrew coffee. NitroBrew coffee is the one of its kind of way of serving and consuming coffee across the globe and Olde Bailey's café has been the fore-runner in the same in Navi Mumbai.

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Nerul | Seawoords Grand Central Mall | Vashi | CBD Belapur
   Business Hours

9.30 AM To Mid Night


+91 9930076523




Shop 26/27, Shreeji Heights, Sector 46A, Plot No 1-A/B/C, Palm Beach Road, Seawoods West, Navi Mumbai - 400706

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